School Board

The Stamford Academy Board of Directors is responsible for providing governance and fiduciary oversight of Stamford Academy and for ensuring that Stamford Academy adheres to the Connecticut General Statutes pertaining to education.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Noah Lapine, Chair
Meredith Kennedy, Teacher Representative
Tina Mathias
Marty Brennan
Jerry Berkman
Marc Bennett
Bion Piepmeier
Heather Tarrant

Finance and Audit Committee

Marty Brennan - Audit Chair
Tina Mathias - Treasurer and Finance Chair
Bion Piepmeier - Secretary

School Director Office Review
Noah Lapine
Jerry Berkman

Strategic Initiatives
Marc Bennett - Team Chair
Tina Mathias - Team Chair
Jerry Berkman
Bion Piepmeier
Heather Tarrant

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