At Stamford Academy we understand and value the skills and life lessons that students learn outside of the classroom. Our students and staff have found sports to provide an excellent opportunity to teach team work, tenacity, and discipline.

Stamford academy is a member of The Westchester Independent Athletic Association (WIAA). Participating sports include, boys basketball, girls basketball and girls volleyball. The league believes that every child deserves an opportunity for comparable competition. The Westchester Independent Athletic Association (WIAA) has been established in efforts to foster healthy competition along with good sportsmanship in a safe and healthy environment. Each member school will be properly organized and administered in order to facilitate opportunities for students to participate in multiple athletic activities. WIAA looks to infuse social growth among its participants, as well as the promotion of strong leadership qualities.

Stamford Academy’s Rugby team is a member of the Division 2 CT High School Rugby League. –

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